Best time to visit Dubai

Dubai (the desert city) doesn’t experience much seasonal variation throughout the year. Seasons are distinguished by hot and sizzling. Temperatures can soar up to 40°C during the peak summer, making it extremely hot.

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The summer months (April to October) are characterized by extremely hot temperatures and high humidity. The summer season is the best time to Dubai travel if you want to avoid crowds. As temperatures reach 40°C and higher, tourists exit the city as outdoor activities become impossible to do and enjoy. If these high temperatures and humidity do not bother you head to Dubai during the summer months. Accommodation rates and flights are going down during the off-peak season when temperatures are too high. Many hotels will reduce their room rates and even offer free food to guests at their onsite restaurants.

During peak summer, it’s best to avoid the sizzling sand along the beach. Rather visit the indoor ski resort (Ski Dubai) or the air-conditioned shopping malls where you’ll have endless fun while remaining cool.

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Best season to visit Dubai

Dubai does not experience a typical winter because it has sunshine all year-round. November to March is considered the winter season and the best time to visit Dubai. The winter months bring some relief from the scorching sun with cooler temperatures averaging 25°C. Whether you’re enjoy in the winter to the Persian Gulf city for its cool beaches, to embrace the exhilarating entertainment or to shop to your heart’s content, the best time to travel Dubai is definitely during the winter.

With beautiful weather comes peak crowds of tourists, so prepare for a sea of tourists from around the world. The glorious Jumeirah Beach sees crowds of tourists relaxing on its buttermilk sand and enjoying the warm water. Be prepared for crowds in January and February, a particularly popular time as people make their way to the annual Dubai Shopping Festival. Tourists can expect discounts of up to 75% on some incredible merchandise, including jewelry, electronics and the best fashion.

If you’re after few crowds, mid-November to early-December and early March is the best time to Dubai Tours, without fighting your way through the masses.

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Keep in mind that the winter months are considered high season resulting in high accommodation rates and flights, so be prepared to spend a few more dirhams. If you’re travel to Dubai during the season you should book well in advance.

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